ATROPOS [1.0.2] Minor Improvements and Bugfixes

This is the second bugfix / minor change build for ATROPOS. For transparency reasons, I've left the original jam entry build for download [v1.0.0], bugs and all.

Be aware that, to be fair to my fellow developers in the Cosmic Horrors Jam, I will not be adding or updating any content until the rating period of the jam has ended. Every change will only be to fix issues.

-Fixed visual issue with ending scene
-Increased the duration of the eclipse slightly, to allow for more player exploration
-Fixed a few 'stuck' areas
-Re-enabled some lights that were accidentally disabled
-Made a few things more visually obvious
-Added a quit 'button' of sorts
-Fixed an issue where the music would suddenly fade out when taking damage


ATROPOS v1.0.2 121 MB
93 days ago


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