ATROPOS [1.0.4] Player movement fixes

Happy Halloween! This is the fourth bugfix / minor change build for ATROPOS. This build mainly fixes a major issue introduced in v1.0.3 that allowed players to 'climb' walls by jumping while moving into them. If you encountered this - be aware that it was *not* an intentional mechanic, and has now been patched out.

For transparency reasons, I've left the original jam entry build for
download [v1.0.0], bugs and all. To be fair to my fellow developers in the Cosmic Horrors Jam, I will not be adding or updating any content until the rating period of the jam has ended. Every change will only be to fix issues.


-Fixed major issue allowing player to 'climb' walls by jumping while moving into them
-Vastly improved movement logic
-Slopes no longer cause you to slowly slide down them while standing still
-Jumping on boxes should be less annoying now
-Getting stuck on surfaces should be less common
-Fixed issue with planks becoming a different size when broken
-Added simple indication of certain object's health


ATROPOS v1.0.4 Windows (Original Jam Version) 121 MB
89 days ago
ATROPOS v1.0.4 Linux (Original Jam Version) 120 MB
89 days ago


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