ATROPOS [1.0.5] Post-Jam Content #1

This is the first post-jam version of ATROPOS. Now that the Cosmic Horrors Jam has ended, it's fair for me to add actual content to the game instead of simply bugfixes.

For the sake of archival, I will be leaving v1.0.4 up alongside the new series of content releases, in case anyone wants to see the version of the game that was being voted on during the jam.


-Boxes and other large objects are now 'picked up' instead of pushed. While aiming at a large movable object, Hold F down while slowly moving your mouse in the direction you want it to move.
-You can now press Escape (while not in dialogue) to open a settings menu.
-Made some items (like keys) much more visible and easy to differentiate
-Added multiple particle effects for visual variety
-Added many new sound effects for different surface types, impact velocities, footsteps, etc. This is a work in progress.
-Fixed multiple bugs and issues
-Made the elders give hints in certain situations


ATROPOS v1.0.5 Windows 123 MB
85 days ago
ATROPOS v1.0.5 Linux 123 MB
85 days ago


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