ATROPOS [1.0.3] Bugfixes and Linux build

This is the third bugfix / minor change build for ATROPOS, which now includes a linux build. It has been tested on Manjaro with the KDE Plasma desktop environment. Please tell me if you have any issues with it.

For transparency reasons, I've left the original jam entry build for download [v1.0.0], bugs and all. To be fair to my fellow developers in the Cosmic Horrors Jam, I will not be adding or updating any content until the rating period of the jam has ended. Every change will only be to fix issues.

-Added linux build
-Added ways to escape different parts of the library if you get there without a key
-Fixed multiple 'stuck' areas
-Improved some physics puzzles
-Fixed a map clipping issue
-Fixed a bug that would make your right hand disappear if swapping items while starting a stab with the dagger
-Improved ground detection - you shouldn't be able to get stuck in small holes nearly as often
-Added extra control information to the page []
-Attempted to improve visual differentiation between the colors of certain keys
-Added more visual info to lead the player's eye to solutions


ATROPOS v1.0.3 Windows 121 MB
92 days ago
ATROPOS v1.0.3 Linux 120 MB
92 days ago


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